Tim Bosma case: Details of Dellen Millard’s livestock incinerator

Matthew Coutts
Daily Brew
Homicide investigators search the Cambridge-area farm of Dellen Millard, who is accused of murdering Tim Bosma of Hamilton.

The death of Ontario father Tim Bosma and the investigation into suspected killer Dellen Millard continues to draw attention, nearly two months after police say their paths first crossed during a test drive in Bosma’s truck.

Following Bosma's disappearance on May 6, Millard's history has come into light, from the fortune he inherited following his father's 2012 death to renewed investigations into that death and the disappearance of a young woman he is believed to have known.

But the latest details brought to light refocus the attention back on Bosma's death. The Globe and Mail details the history of a livestock incinerator found on the plot of Millard's property where Bosma's badly-burned body was later discovered by police.

That property near Kitchener, Ont., was intended to be farmland, although neighbours have said they have never seen livestock on the property.

According to the Globe report, the $15,000 device was purchased by an employee of Millardair, the family aviation company later bequeathed to Millard after his father's death.

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Investigators have been in touch with both the Manitoba-based company that sold the device and its Georgian manufacturers, SuperNova Manufacturers.

“We’re terribly sad for the family,” salesman Bill Penner told the Globe. “That’s not what the unit is for.”

The incinerator was delivered to Bosma's farm in July 2012.

Police are currently investigating the July 2012 disappearance of Laura Babcock, a woman whose last known contact was phone calls to Millard.

Her disappearance was no considered suspicious at first, but police have since reopened their investigation. Nearly a year later, Bosma would disappear while on a test drive with two men.

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Bosma’s body was found on May 14, during a police search of Millard's property. The incinerator has been seized as evidence.

Millard and his co-accused, Mark Smich, both face charges of first-degree murder.

The Globe report also contains various details of Millard and Smich and delves into their online history of online gaming profiles and music videos. The details of that livestock incinerator are only a fraction of a convoluted storyline.

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