Red Deer builders create "Back to the Future"-style golf cart


The DeLorean-style golf cart in action
The DeLorean-style golf cart in action

Those of a certain vintage will always list Back To The Future as one of their favourite movies of all time. It allowed those of us born in the 70s and 80s to dream of a futuristic car with a Flux Capacitor that could take us through time. And it inspired Lucas Evanochko and David Heykants of Dual Divisions to build a golf cart that looks like a futuristic car that can take us back through time.

The two were called upon to take on the project as part of Red Deer College’s 30th Annual Golf Classic, a fundraising event that provides much needed resources to the institution’s athletics programs. The cart is a spot-on rendition of exactly what you’d think a DeLorean Back To The Future golf cart complete with its own Flux Capacitor should look like. Dual Divisions built the cart, and Evanochko “lit it up,” as he said.

Bright rainbow coloured buttons in the dashboard (which look like just like the bright switches we remember from the movie) play all of the catch phrases you’d remember from the movie, including Dr. Emmett Brown’s famous worrisome exclamation, “1.21 gigawatts!”.

The outside of the vehicle features cool electric blue lighting that makes us wish you could just be on the golf course one minute and back in 1985 the next. Even the identification cards attached to the keychain that turn the golf cart on feature the photos of Dr. Brown and Marty McFly (played of course by Michael J. Fox).

It took over 600 hours of work along with plenty of voltage, audio, apps, tablets and metal for Evanochko and Heykants to take people back to the future country club style…and they totally nailed it!

Kind of makes you wonder if Red Deer College should take some money out of the old athletics fund and invest in something a little more futuristic doesn’t it?