Adalynn Willett, 2, goes home from the hospital for the first time since birth

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Adalynn Willet is home for Christmas.

On December 4, the 2-year-old went home from Cook Children's Medical Center in Texas for the first time since her birth. She wore a purple party dress to celebrate the occasion.

"She is very excited to be home," her father, Bryan Willett, told Good Morning America. "She is full of joy."

"It was very emotional to see her," said Adalynn's mother, Serafina Sevallos, after watching her daughter sleep in her own bed. "We waited so long for her to come home and actually getting her home is amazing. She's come a long way."

While the doctors at Cook Children's Medical Center became like extended family for the little girl, they insist that seeing Adalynn go was nothing but a joyous occasion.

"Her job is not to be here every day being cute and smiling at me and cheering me up on my rounds. Her job is to go home and become a productive human being," said Adalynn's attending physician, Dr. Nancy Dambro.

Little Adalynn was born a condition called omphalocele, with her intestines and liver outside her body. It took 28 surgical procedures and 850 days in the hospital before she was able to fully recover from complications that included her heart stopping twice, reported KHOU.

While Adalynn still has a tracheotomy, IV and feeding tube, doctors believe her chances for a full recovery are high.

"She will need care for a long time, but there is hope that she will not need lifelong care," Dambro told Good Morning America.

For now, Adalynn's parents are just thrilled to spend the holidays at home with their daughter.

"Every holiday that's come around for the past two years has been spent in the hospital," Bryan said. "It's heartbreaking. Now, it's going to be back flips when we spend Christmas with the family."