‘Dancing Man’ finally gets his own dance party

Nadine Kalinauskas
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‘Dancing Man’ finally gets his own dance party


Earlier this year, a photo of a man dancing online was posted on 4chan with the following caption:

“Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

Thousands of strangers immediately defended the man against his cyberbullies.

Cassandra Fairbanks and a friend saw the image and launched an online campaign — using the hashtag #FindDancingMan — with the intentions of identifying the mystery man and throwing a dance party in his honour.

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It wasn’t long before the man outed him on Twitter with the username @Dancingmanfound.

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This Sunday, that dance party finally happened.

Sean O’Brien, 46, from Liverpool travelled to California — with a quick stop at the TODAY Show in New York — for the 1,000-person event at LA nightclub Avalon Hollywood. Also in attendance were Moby, who offered his DJing services for free, and anti-cyberbullying advocate Monica Lewinsky.

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“I’ve never danced so much, it’s been the best night of my life, unbelievable,” O’Brien told the Daily Mail Online. “So many people have given so much support, I’m humbled.”

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“This is amazing,” dance organizer Fairbanks said at the party. “It really shows power of people. If everybody comes together to do something nice look what you can accomplish.”

“The positivity of it all. So many good people out there. This all started because somebody tried to be nasty and it turned good so quickly,” O'Brien told ABC 7.

The party raised $70,000 for antibullying charities in positive-body-image programs in the U.S. and U.K., KCAL9 reported.

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On Sunday, O’Brien threw the first pitch at the Dodgers game — and showed off more of his dance moves on the stadium’s dance cam.