Elderly couple sing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ to each other in hospital

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Grab a tissue or two — you're about to see love at it's sweetest.

Linda Whitaker, the daughter of Utah couple James and Colleen Pinegar, recorded her parents tenderly singing "You Are My Sunshine" to each other in the hospital.

James, 86, had fallen while helping his 90-year-old neighbour, ABC2 News reported.

The fall left him requiring a hip replacement. While recovering in hospital, James got a blood infection.

"That song is their theme song and they have sung it together over the years," Whitaker told the Huffington Post. "They are an amazing couple. She didn't leave his side for the three months he was in the hospital. He really thought at this time that he was going to die."

James is now feeling better, "but at 86 it has taken a toll," she added.

Whitaker titled the short video "66 years of love caught on film."

Listen to their lovely tune, in perfect harmony, below.