Eric the Sandwich Man feeds New York City’s hungry

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

'Tis the season for Reddit to celebrate the everyday heroes among us: the landlord who reduced rent during the holidays, the dentist with the kid-friendly therapy dog, the couple who spent more than 60 happy years together.

This weekend, redditor cb98678 posted photos of Eric the Sandwich Man, a New York City good Samaritan who's been handing out sandwiches to the hungry for 15 years.

"Every morning he makes sandwiches and loads them into his cart along with fruit and juice pouches," cb98678 wrote, adding that he funds his charitable lunches himself, with minimal donations from strangers riding the various trains he uses every day to reach the hungry.

On his cart, a sign reads: "Free food for the homeless and the working poor."

Eric doesn't discriminate between the homeless and those with homes. If you are hungry, "he feeds you."

"When I hear stories like this they never fail to make wonder what our world would be like if just 10% of the population were to spend their time so generously helping people less fortunate on a daily basis like this man," redditor Ballistrophobia commented. "I feel like this is the 1% people should be talking about."

Redditor Scorps agreed:

"This guy is a class act. Even something as simple like being given a sandwich from a stranger can have a surprising effect on a person who needs it."