#GoBeKind gives a single father a leg up in Denver

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#GoBeKind gives a single father a leg up in Denver

A down on his luck father has received thousands in donations after a chance encounter on the streets of Denver shed the spotlight on his struggle. 

James Moss left New York City with his young son Zhi hoping to find a better life in Colorado. He had a job lined up and had arranged to stay with a friend temporarily.

Two days after arriving in Denver his job and housing both fell through, and he and Zhi ended up homeless.

While walking the streets of his new city, Moss ran into motivational speaker and author Leon Logothetis

Logothetis was in Denver filming stories for his social media campaign #GoBeKind. He found himself moved by the love and devotion Moss has for his son. 

“There is such a beautiful bond between you two,” admired Logothetis.

Moss moved to Colorado for Zhi. He explained to Logothetis that growing up in New York City, he didn’t have the opportunity to experience the outdoors and the peace of nature, and he wanted a more beautiful life for his child. 

“This guy right here, he fuels the fire,” Moss responded, referring to Zhi, when asked how he keeps his spirits up despite the circumstance he found himself in. 

“You know, most people don’t want to share their pain, I want to say ‘thank you’” Logothetis said. “And the way I am gonna thank you is by giving you $1,000.”

He also paid for the father and son to stay at a hotel for a week.

Moss was rendered speechless by the unexpected gift from a foreign stranger.

But the tear jerking news doesn’t stop there.

After seeing Logothetis and Moss, and being inspired by the #GoBeKind movement, Kayla Heskitt of Goodland, Kansas set up a GoFundMe page for Moss. The page has exceeded the goal of $20,000, with over 1100 people donating almost $35,000.

On Saturday, Logothetis uploaded a follow up video to his YouTube, a thank you video with James and Zhi.

“I am so thankful and so grateful for every one of you guys who put your prayers out for us and donated what you could,” Moss said looking directly into the camera. “I love you all, you mean the most to me.”