Guest’s pillow fort request fulfilled by Fairmont Hotel in Winnipeg

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
Good News

Calgary resident Gord Relph, 26, was given the option to provide special instructions when booking his room at Winnipeg's Fairmont Hotel.

"So I wrote down, 'Pre-made pillow fort, and a vanilla Coke,'" he said.

Hotel staff obliged, leaving him a stack of pillows with a note that read "DYI (sic) Pillow Fort Kit" and a coupon for two vanilla Cokes to be made by hotel chefs — plus candy to fuel his fort-building mission.

Hotel sales and marketing director Jacques Lavergne said that fulfilling Relph's unique request is just part of the Fairmont experience.

"We've got a remarkable team here at the hotel," Lavergne told Metro Winnipeg.

"Oddly enough, this isn't a one off — we deal with an interesting mix of clientele here and we get some pretty off-the-wall requests. It's part of the culture here at the hotel."

Relph shared his fort-building efforts in an online photo gallery. Within 18 hours, his fort attracted nearly 300,000 hits.

"Based on how much coverage I have received, I consider this the best pillow fort of all time," Relph told the Winnipeg Sun.

His finishing touch: a "No Girls Allowed" sign designed to make his girlfriend, Katie, laugh.

Relph told Metro Winnipeg that he used the fort — and even spent the night on the floor.