‘Ice Ice Baby’: School officials rap school closure announcement

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Gone are the days of boring automated phone messages and school closure updates on the radio.

This week, students at Durham Academy in North Carolina got a pretty great school cancellation message: A snow-day version of "Ice Ice Baby."

On Durham Academy's website, beneath a standard cancellation message, was a link to a YouTube video featuring head of school Michael Ulku-Steiner and assistant head of school Lee Hark grooving to their own version of Vanilla Ice's 1989 hit.

"All right stop, collaborate and listen," they rapped after gearing up in ski goggles and Olympic wear. "Ice is back and the roads will glisten…"

Their impressive cancellation notice ended with a catchy chorus:

"Ice, ice baby. No school, there's ice, ice baby. No school, there's ice, ice baby. No school there's ice, ice baby!"

Read all the lyrics here.

"We had fun with it. It was very spur of the moment. We’ll try to keep people guessing for sure," Ulku-Steiner told CNN.

As for what's next, Hark has a few ideas:

"We were thinking about a rain delay message using Milli Vanilli’s 'Blame It on the Rain,'" Hark said.

Earlier this month, a Kentucky school principal, in collaboration with the drama teacher, announced a snow day with a "Bohemian Rhapsody" parody.

"We like to have fun at our school. So, after several school closings due to snow and cold, we recorded this call to parents to see if we could make them laugh. I think we succeeded," the duo wrote on YouTube.