Just in time for Valentine’s, 1,000 thousand love letters delivered to strangers in Edmonton

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Starting tomorrow, 1,000 lucky Edmontonians will be the recipients of anonymous love notes hidden — and handed out — throughout the city.

Photographer Ashley Green is spearheading the Love Letters 2 Strangers project, now in it's second year, in which Valentine's cards are delivered by romantics across Edmonton, tucked under windshield wipers, bicycle seats and handed out directly on the LRT.

It's Green's way of spreading a little love to those who might feel left out on a day reserved for romantic notions.

"Maybe you don't have a significant other, or maybe you're a little bit bitter about Valentine's Day," Greene told CBC News. "This is a great way to get involved where you can just show love to the person bagging your groceries or sitting beside you on the bus."

The project isn't limited to Valentine's Day:

"Essentially, it is just random acts of kindness, little notes that we send to people," Green told Game-Changers. "These notes can be given to somebody I know, or somebody I've never met before, sometimes it's people on the street, sometimes I leave them in books for people or in a coffee shop or toy store...They're just notes of encouragement, sometimes they are quotes, or just little pick-me-ups and I just write them to people to make them smile, to encourage them, to remind them that there’s someone out there thinking of them to brighten their day."

In September, Green was the recipient of a $1,000 grant from the Awesome Foundation for "spreading the love."

"I had so much love coming from my friends and family and the community I was in…I just wanted to do something to give something back in a way that I knew how," said Green, a Drumheller native, of the project's inspiration.

On Saturday, Green and 60 volunteers met at the Woodcroft Library and crafted 1,034 handmade love letters.

From Tuesday to Thursday, Green and her team will strategical distribute the one-of-a-kind notes at three locations across the city.

Green hopes her Love Letters 2 Strangers project will expand to include Calgary and Drumheller next year.