L.A. landlord’s generous holiday gift to tenants goes viral

Reddit/mikeoleyLast week, Reddit user mikeoley posted a photo of a letter under the caption "Good guy landlord."

The heartwarming note quickly went viral.

During a season of empty wallets and financial stress — and one of cheer and goodwill — a Los Angeles landlord is giving his tenants a gift of unexpected generosity: reduced rent.

"For so many years now, we have had a tradition of helping a little during this last month of the year when many people start getting ready for Christmas," the landlord, Joel, wrote. "We feel fortunate to be able to extend that tradition this year as well. To that end, we offer each of your our holiday present. Please deduct $70 from your regular rent for the month of December and perhaps use those monies to purchase a gift for someone special in your life."

The landlord then thanked his tenants for their continued residence there and wished them a happy, healthy holiday season.

"You. Should. Never. Move. Out," one Redditor responded.

Another wrote: "This blows my mind. Every landlord I've ever had has cared about one thing and that is getting as much money from me as possible by whatever means."

A landlord commented that he, also, makes December easier on his tenants' wallets:

"I'm a landlord and I give my tenants free rent for December. The only thing I collect is utilities. Every little bit counts this time of year and so I'm glad to be able to take some of the pressure off."

Huffington Post's Sarah Medina sums up the general consensus online: "Needless to say, best landlord ever."