In Ohio, the ‘Couponator’ pays it forward

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
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A man from Sunbury, Ohio, is using his couponing skills to help those in need.

Rodney Osborne, aka "The Couponator," uses coupons to purchase items for very little, then donates his purchases to organizations that will distribute the goods to local families.

"A small donation can help a lot of people," Osborne told ThisWeek Community News. "I am hoping to kill two birds with one stone: Donate to charity and teach those in need how to get more bang for their buck."

Osborne first started clipping coupons when both he and his wife were unemployed. When things turned around for them financially, he continued to save big — for others.

"Instead of letting the coupons and deals go to waste, I get the items since they don't cost me anything, or just a small fee, and I donate to organizations that can help out other families that were in the situation we were in," Osborne told NBC4.

"It is just the most wonderful feeling to know the community supports the community and that our shoppers become our volunteers and sometimes our volunteers become our shoppers," Lori Falk of the Common Ground Free Store said of Osborne's recent donation of food, school supplies and personal care items.

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Osborne calculates that a recent purchase of 176 school-supply items cost him less than $5 thanks to coupons.

He believes couponing is an easy way to increase charitable donations:

"I take $50 I was going to donate anyways and multiply it," he said. "Instead of helping one family, I'm helping multiple families."

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