Polish art student hangs own paintings in Poland’s National Museum

Nadine Bells
Good News

Polish art student Andrzej Sobiepan wanted to see his work on display in museums, but didn't want to wait for decades before one would take his art seriously. So the ingenious artist, inspired by elusive graffiti artist Banksy, took matters into his own hands — and hung one of his paintings at the National Museum in Wroclaw when no one was looking.

"I decided that I will not wait 30 or 40 years for my works to appear at a place like this," Sobiepan told TVN24, adding that he hoped galleries and museums would be inspired by his actions to give young artists more exhibition space.

"I want to benefit from them in the here and now."

On December 10th, when a museum guard was distracted, Sobiepan hung a small white and green painting in a room filled with contemporary Polish art. Museum officials didn't notice Sobiepan's painting for three days.

While the museum director does acknowledge the art-hanging revealed several security breeches, he also called the action a "witty artistic happening."

"It has shown that the young generation of artists, unlike their predecessors, wants to see their works in museums," director Mariusz Hermansdorfer said.

While Sobiepan's art couldn't remain among the contemporary works, it does continue to be displayed at the museum — in its cafe. On Sunday, it will be up for auction at a charity sale.