Retired farmer Walter Martin, 82, graduates from University of Saskatchewan

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
Good News

On Tuesday, Walter Martin graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a bachelor in science.

He's 82 years old.

When Martin retired from farming, he and his wife of 50 years, Jean, moved to Saskatoon. Determined to not spend his retirement "looking out the window," he enrolled in a few classes at the local university.

Those few classes turned into a few more classes, with Martin studying math, science, philosophy, anthropology and English — all while helping his son on the family farm.

After nine years of taking classes part-time, Martin earned his first-ever university degree.

"It's been wonderful. I appreciated all the help—not only from the faculty but from the students, as well, and my family," Martin said of his post-secondary experience.

Martin's recent academic achievement likely won't be his last. He's now considering either taking other undergraduate courses or applying for a master's program.

Martin advises other students to "start off learning everything right from the start, which I didn't do. I always said, 'Oh, I'll get this later on.' Well, all of a sudden it's exams coming up and I don't remember this stuff from the start."