Russian dash cam compilation celebrates Good Samaritans

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News

Start off your week on a high note: good Samaritans making the world a better place.

Two weeks ago, ArkadiYM93 uploaded a compilation video to YouTube containing footage from Russian dash cams. Instead of featuring what is often expected from these videos — random gunfire, corrupt traffic police, road accidents, and trucks spilling cows — this one celebrates the random acts of kindness that occur every day.

Watch the heartwarming moments below.

"The one with the child helping the elderly woman across the street made me lose it. What a heartwarming video," viewer biganakhanhda wrote.

"'Two men looked thru prison bars / One saw mud, the other saw stars.' You find what you are looking for in this world," poetic YouTube user Thelastminstrel added.

Have you witnessed any good deeds lately?