Vacant Massachusetts storefront covered in positive Post-its

Nadine Bells
Good News
March 20, 2012

"Who inspires you?"

That's the question one vacant storefront is asking people to answer — on Post-it notes.

In Harvard Square, Cambridge, countless notes of tribute stick to the window of a building under renovation. And the response is growing.

"Harvard Square is certainly a place where people are ready to express themselves in many different ways, so given the sticky and the marker, I'm not surprised that people responded like this," said passerby Catherine Savard.

Watch the news coverage over at CBS Boston.

"I think it just spreads some good positive energy that we can all use in our lives," Rebecca Kane, another local resident, said.

Wish Studio's Mindy added her own note to the window, then wrote the following on her blog:

"What struck me in that little moment was that these were all tiny pieces of someone else's story, a glimpse into another's life and heart. I love this about life…that stories seem to want to leak out, flutter in the wind and seek light. So I wanted to share this with you and give you all the opportunity to share a love note and be a part of this collective, warmhearted display of affection."