Tim Hortons creates ‘The Priestley’ doughnut

Canada’s favourite coffee chain is apparently on a mission to make everyone’s wildest dreams come true. Or, more specifically, its marketing team is, since it's been responding to some crazy requests coming in .

In Monday night’s Canada-themed episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” a lot of the action happened inside or about a Tim Hortons coffee-and-doughnut shop. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) used the baked goods to lure in his fiancée's string of former flings for an interview. And in a spoof "Under the Tunes" documentary that chronicled the demise of Robin’s pop music career, former Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page sullenly said, “To this day, ask any Canadian where they were when Robin Sparkles lost it, and not only can they tell you which Tim Hortons they were in, but what doughnut they were eating.”

According to Vancouver-born Jason Priestley, he was in Squamish, B.C., where he “crammed a Timbit into a strawberry vanilla and invented ‘The Priestley.’”

While the rest of us face-palmed for not thinking of it first, Tim Hortons wasted no time in making"The Priestley" happen in real life.

“.@Jason_Priestley, we loved the idea of ‘The Priestley’ so much, we made a batch. A Timbit IN a donut? Genius. #HIMYM,” @TimHortons tweeted on Tuesday, with a photo of a strawberry jelly doughnut baked with a chocolate Timbit inside. The photo went viral on Twitter and has already gained more than 11,500 likes, 800 comments, and 3,000 shares on Facebook.

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But nobody was more excited about the Frankenstein doughnut than the former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star himself.

“Thank you Tim Hotron's!!! This is the proudest day of my life!!! A doughnut maned after me at Timmie's?? #bestdayever,” Priestley wrote.

Just a few weeks ago, Tim Hortons responded to a tweet from S.J. Velasquez and, in record time, made up a mug with Ryan Gosling’s face in the style of his film “Gangster Squad.” The idea came from a joke that Gosling made during an interview with Tribute, in which he joked that he would hope a fast-food-chain collector’s mug, à la Burger King’s “Dick Tracy” collection.

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Tim Hortons has always been a quintessential Canadian cultural icon, but never before has it celebrated its pop culture presence quite like this. Dare we say that Tim Hortons is becoming cool in today’s social media age? The only thing they could do better from now on would be to make these cultural creations widely available.