VIDEO: Justin Bieber raps over Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘Otis’

Leigh McEachran
North Stars

Amid all the Justin Bieber paternity allegations of the past few days, we almost forgot that the kid actually has a music career! Luckily, we have YouTube to remind us. The Burbank, California, radio station Power 106 FM has posted a video of the Biebz performing some impressive freestyle rap. (This was on Nov. 2, before the paternity suit hoopla began -- otherwise, the radio interview probably would have gone very differently.)

Bieber was visiting Power 106 FM to promote his new Christmas album, "Under the Mistletoe," but he took a break from the Yuletide cheer to rap over the Jay-Z and Kanye west song "Otis."

Even without his trusted "swagger coach" by his side, the 17-year-old still demonstrates an impressive amount of swagger, spewing lines like, "I thank Jesus at the awards, I'm never going to hell/You call me Zack Morris, I'm saving you by the bell." (Bieber really loves the "Saved by The Bell" references, doesn't he? Was he even born before it went off the air?)

Bieber seems to really enjoy rapping, as he's previously performed with Chris Brown and is featured in Sean Kingston's "Won't Stop." Bieber also raps in his version of "Drummer Boy" from his Christmas album, which features rapper Busta Rhymes.

Bieber has taken over pop music, maybe the rap world is next!