In memorium: Shows cancelled so far this year (and what to replace them with)

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Throughout the television season, there are casualties. Despite cult followings, critical praise, or even Dawson Leery, certain shows are given the axe, leaving voids for upcoming pilots to fill.

Today, we pay tribute to those who've officially been kiboshed, while also ushering in the next generation of shows to welcome into your hearts via TV or computer screen. Gone but not forgotten, here they are.

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What: "666 Park Avenue" (ABC)
RIP: Allowed to air its full 13 episodes before being shut down, the horror series did not find an audience to rival that of the likes of "American Horror Story." We'll stay away from that address, though.
Replace with: "The Sixth Gun" (NBC) -- But never fear, NBC just picked up a supernatural western series by a producer of "Lost," which follows the journeys of six magical pistols. Based on a comic, so magical indeed.

What: "Animal Practice" (NBC)
RIP: Sadly, viewers weren't interested in the wacky hijinks of a veterinary hospital, despite the introduction of an actual monkey. If only it had been wearing a coat.
Replace with: "To My Assistant" (Fox) -- It may not feature live tiny animals, but the upcoming comedy does revolve around a group of assistants banding together to make working with their hard-to-please bosses manageable. But will there be shearling?

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What: "Ben and Kate" (Fox)
RIP: While the show has only been pulled from the Tuesday night line-up and not officially cancelled, the outcome of the loveable series about a sister and brother doesn't seem to be promising. Keep those prayer vigils going, "Ben and Kate" fans -- you might change their destiny yet.
Replace with: "Friends & Family" (Fox) -- And literally the opposite of a brother and sister situation, "Friends & Family" see a long distance relationship pan out in the US adaptation of the English show, "Gavin & Stacey." Hey, it worked for "The Office" -- just forget about "Skins."

What: "Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23" (ABC)
RIP: Despite getting a fresh start following her unfortunate demise at the hands of Walter White, "Breaking Bad's" Krysten Ritter and friends have been essentially evicted from their apartment (and network), leaving James Van Der Beek livid.
Replace with: "House Rules" (Fox) -- But this could be fun: a neurotic man from Wisconsin finds himself amongst a family of over-sharers, which could put a new spin on the typical "Odd Couple" premise.

What: "Emily Owens, MD" (The CW)
RIP: The trials and tribulations of Emily Owens (Mamie Gummer) as she shakes off the past to excel in medicine wasn't enough for the network, which capped the episode run at a tragic 12.
Replace with: "Girlfriend in a Coma" (NBC) -- Like The Smiths song (but not at all), life changes ensue when a woman wakes up from a long-term coma to find out she had given birth 17 years before. The twist? She didn't even know she had been pregnant. (Dun, dun, dun.)

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What: "Last Resort" (ABC)
RIP: You'd think that with "Homeland's" victories, a drama about the personal and political aspects of military life would find its niche. Unfortunately, it did not, and was pulled in December.
Replace with: "The Returned" (ABC) -- From the mind of "The Killing's" Aaron Zelman, which dares to discover what would happen if the people you had mourned and buried just showed up on your doorstep, like nothing had changed. (But then shouldn't they be on "The Walking Dead"?)

What: "Partners" (CBS)
RIP: Low numbers led to the comedy about two childhood friends working together while juggling different lifestyles being scrapped in November (and replaced with reruns of "Two and a Half Men.")
Replace with: "Dads" (Fox) -- Though if you liked the idea of men figuring things out, you'll be happy to usher in, "Dads," Seth MacFarlane's first live-action sitcom, which revolves around two guys whose "nightmare fathers" move in with them. No, friends, you're not dreaming.

Which TV shows are you looking forward to premiering in 2013? And what did we miss?