‘Portal’ technology comes home

Plugged In

By Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo! Buzzlog

Ever wonder what your life would be like if the technology from Portal 2 were readily available? Wonder no more. A group of the game's superfans constructed a video to answer that question.

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As you might know, Portal games feature a unique technology that allows players to blast their guns to create wormholes. Hijinks ensue.

In Jason Craft's "Portal: Terminal Velocity," a bunch of dudes hang out in a house and use the Portal gun not to escape from prison-like rooms or to destroy monsters but to mess with each other's heads.

True, the acting is not exactly Streep-like, but the special effects are quite convincing and used in all the right ways. But those of you wishing to buy a version of the Portal gun used in the video are out of luck. Craft and company created the gun via CGI. The actual prop is a coffee can.

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