Harper celebrates 54th birthday: If you could give the PM 54 of anything, what would it be?

Chase Kell

Stephen Joseph Harper turned 54 Tuesday.

Along the way to becoming Canada's prime minister, Harper passed a number of important milestones. Here are some of the key highlights, and the age at which Harper achieved them:

19: Graduated from Richview Collegiate Institute. He represented the school on a Canadian television quiz show for high school students called "Reach for the Top."

26: Became the chief aide to Progressive Conservative MP Jim Hawkes in 1985.

29: Was named the Reform Party's Chief Policy Officer. Harper was introduced to the founder and leader of the Reform Party of Canada, Preston Manning, while studying at University of Calgary. He ran for the Canadian House of Commons this very year, appearing on the ballot in Calgary West as Steve Harper, only to lose to Jim Hawkes, his former employer.

34: Defeated Jim Hawkes to become a member of the House of Commons of Canada on October 25, 1993. Harper had also completed his master's degree in economics at the University of Calgary that same year.

Harper married Laureen Ann Teskey on December 11, 1993. They have two children: Benjamin and Rachel.

37: Resigned from parliament on January 14, 1997, as growing tensions with Manning had taken their toll. Harper became a vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition (NCC), a conservative advocacy group, that very day.

42: Elected the new leader of the Canadian Alliance Party on March 20, 2002, defeating Stockwell Day with 55% support.

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43: Defeated NDP Bill Phipps in a by-election in Calgary Southwest, becoming a Member of the House of Commons for the second time. Harper became the official Leader of the Opposition in May, 2002.

44: Resigned as Leader of the Opposition, allowing him to run for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Harper won with a first ballot majority over Tony Clement and Belinda Stronach on March 20, 2004.

45: Harper is defeated by Paul Martin in the 2004 federal election.

46: Harper was elected the twenty-second prime minister of Canada on February 6, 2006. He is the first prime minister from the newly reconstituted Conservative Party when the Tories formed a minority government just seven short years ago.

So, in celebration of the prime minister's birthday, we thought we'd ask you: If you could give the PM 54 of anything, what would it be? Share your gift ideas in the comments below.