Apple’s iWatch still a rumour, but designers try their hand at bringing it to life

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Antonio De Rosa's iWatch concept maintains much of the functionality of the iPhone, including 'Slide to Unlock' as shown in this picture.

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Rumours are beginning to surface about Apple’s next big thing: a wearable digital device dubbed the iWatch.

According to The Daily Mail, Chinese websites began reporting in December that Apple is working with chip-maker Intel on developing a “wrist-worn gadget.” The report went on to say that the device, thought to be going on sale sometime this year, would be Bluetooth enabled and have a 1.5-inch OLED display.

For designers, though, the inevitable smart watch by Apple has been an object of speculation for years. The concept designs have widely varied, ranging in style, functionality and futuristic features but have all largely adhered to the same Apple esthetic, making any of them viable (some may be more plausible than others). Here’s a collection of some of those designs:

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The smart watch concept has already started to gain momentum with the Pebble, an e-paper watch that began as a Kickstarter project and became one of the highlights at this year’s CES. Many of the features expected to come with the iWatch are already available on the Pebble, including changeable watch faces, the ability to customize with apps, connects to smartphones via Bluetooth, and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices – something that Apple’s eventual iWatch won’t be able to do.

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