Architect aims to build ‘endless’ house using 3D printer

3D printing is slowly rising in popularity as people find ways to gain access to one or build their own, and as a result, we’re seeing lots of cool things ranging from memes brought to life to ‘magic arms’ for a little girl.

Add to that list possibly the most ambitious creation yet, an entire house.

Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars from Universe Architecture in Amsterdam has designed a house that is not only created using a 3D printer, but also ‘endless’ in its design. A visitor to the home could walk in a constant path continuously through the house, as it’s designed as a möbius strip. As points out, you could also build a round house and call it endless, too, but it wouldn’t be nearly as cool.

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The ‘Landscape House’ as Ruijssenaars calls it is designed to be one unified piece, but it will actually be separate pieces printed out that lock together. The pieces will each measure 6 x 9 metres and be printed on the D-Shape 3D Printer, the creator of which is telling Ruijssenaars he should probably just print the frame, and then fill in the rest with fiberglass and concrete to improve structural integrity.

Ruijssenaars created the design using the help of mathematician and artist Rinus Roelofs as part of the Europan, a design competition which seeks to highlight some of the best architectural designs by young creators in the field.

“It was a house in Ireland,” said Ruijssenaars of his inspiration for the Landscape House in a story. “The location on the coast is so beautiful that we want the design to reflect the nature. Landscapes are endless and our question was whether we can design a home that has no beginning and no end.”

You can see more photos of the Landscape House on the Universe Architecture Facebook page.

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