Bill Gates and Paul Allen mend fences with iconic photo recreation

If an excerpt from Paul Allen's autobiography Idea Man wasn't enough to prove he has mended fences with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the recreation of an iconic photo of the two is sure to prove the hatchet has been buried.

During an event this week at the Living Computer Museum in Seattle, Allen tweeted a photo of the once-estranged duo posing among several early model computers, just as they had done some 30 years ago.

According to a staff member at the museum, the original computers were tracked down in anticipation of Gates' visit, Geekwire reports. The recreation was not quite perfect, but the PCs coupled with Allen's suit and Gates' casual sweater were close enough to dub the effort a success.

The two tech icons had fallen out of touch after Allen accused Gates and present CEO, Steve Ballmer, of attempting to scale down Allen's stake in Microsoft. But an epilogue added to Allen's autobiography, as well as this clever photo, have assured that the two are once again friends.

(Photo courtesy of Mashable)

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