BoooTube, the website for the worst videos online

Boootube highlights the worst video on YouTube. (Screengrab/YouTube)

If you’re sick of watching stellar videos on YouTube, your prayers have been answered: someone has collected together the worst-rated videos for your viewing pleasure.

BoooTube has lovingly curated the most down-voted video clips from YouTube to feature on the website. It isn’t just low-rated videos, though. They’re looking for the clips that have captured the attention of thousands, downvoted many, many times, proving that these unwatchable videos were nevertheless watched, and judged to be sub-par.

So if you’ve exhausted all the quality videos online, head over to BoooTube and remember what awful videos have been uploaded too. The site features Staff Picks for worst videos, including classics like the ‘Controversial Baby Dynamics Yoga’ (and judging by some of the YouTube comments, BoooTube has renewed interest in this and many other poorly-rated videos):

The rest of the site is filled with videos rated four or five thumbs down. As The Verge discovered while exploring the site, unflattering political ads and racist rants are all prominently featured. But they do all have one thing in common: they’re pretty unwatchably bad. You can test if you can stomach it for yourself with this sampling:

The site is extremely basic, and doesn’t explain the methodology of the project beyond “the worst on YouTube,” as determined by THEY, a brand development company based in Amsterdam and Dehli.

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