Nexus 10 owner finds ant trapped under glass of tablet

Tori Floyd

A Nexus 10 owner has discovered a bug in the system of his new tablet.

No, really, a real bug in the system.

On the XDA-Developers forum, a user from Singapore who goes by the alias 'tanzhjoash' has posted photos of an ant he spotted crawling around inside his Google Nexus 10 tablet, between the LCD screen and the glass. According to the post, he says that he didn't notice the ant for the first few days he had the tablet, but "after 5 days of use, I came home one day and found this ant stuck under the glass screen of my N10."

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The user says he'll be shipping his device back to the U.S. in hopes of getting a replacement (which other users seem pretty positive he'll get, since it's such a strange situation).

As for how it got in there, Mobile Syrup offers a couple of explanations: First, the screen is built with a small air gap between the glass and LCD, which is apparently just big enough for the tiny ant to fit. Second, there have been complaints of poor build quality by Nexus 10 owners, which could potentially result in the ant slipping into a space in the casing.

Other XDA-Developers forum users think the ant might have been there since production, and have even suggested the original poster should identify the ant to see where it came from. Unfortunately, he'll have plenty of time to get a good look at the ant — the bug moved into the centre of the screen and died there yesterday, he posted.

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Here's hoping he can "work the bugs out" soon.

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