Pinterest, the next social network to go out of this world?

Pinterest, the next social network to go out of this world?

U.S. astronaut Karen Nyberg will be departing for the International Space Station today aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Like Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut who captured international attention with his prolific use of Twitter, Nyberg will likely be using the social network to communicate her experiences to those of us still back on Earth. But Nyberg is a relative newbie to Twitter; her social network of choice is Pinterest, one of the few frontiers Hadfield didn’t explore during his time aboard the ISS.

Nyberg, who posts as knyberg on Pinterest, is an avid pinner and shares content spanning a range of interests. For those who aren’t familiar with the social sharing site, users create virtual ‘boards’ where they can ‘pin’ images they like from around the web – like cutting out favourite pictures from a magazine and pinning them to a cork board.

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Pinterest has struck a chord in particular with women, and has become a hub for crafters, brides-to-be, moms looking for ways to occupy their kids and as a place to share words of inspiration. Nyberg has boards that highlight all these things, while also using it as a way to provide a unique look into her space experiences.

“I’ve been using Pinterest for a couple of years and absolutely love it because of my other hobbies and have actually started my own personal account, adding some space things,” Nyberg told CBS News. “I think it will be kind of neat to add on to that while I’m there if I can. Definitely, we’re going to do as much as we can to share what we’re doing up there with the rest of the world.”

While Nyberg has included many ‘space things’ like pictures of her prepping for her space flight, she’s also got boards for quilts; Nyberg told that she plans on continuing her quilting hobby while she’s on the ISS.

“I actually enjoy sewing and quilting and I am bringing some fabric with me and thread and I’m hoping to create something,” Nyberg said. “I don’t know yet what it will be but that’s part of creativity is that it comes with the feeling of the day so I have the supplies in my hands to create if I get the opportunity and the creative notion to do so.”

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While Nyberg will be sharing images from space on Pinterest, the site should also prove quite handy in providing inspiration for crafting while floating above the Earth, too. To see what Nyberg shares from space during her six month tour on the ISS, follow her Pinterest page.

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