Possible tablet thieves send photos of themselves to former owner

The Right Click

Either these two are some of the world's dumbest thieves, or they're the unfortunate recipients of an ill-gotten iPad.

A member of online firearms forum GlockTalk, frank_drebin, posted last weekend about some tablet computers being stolen from his home last month. While an unfortunate situation, frank_drebin didn't put much thought into who the thieves were until he noticed some new files in his Dropbox folder recently.

When he opened his folder with the cloud file sharing service, it appeared that over 100 photos had been taken with his tablet — and because he had set up Dropbox on the device, the photos were being uploaded to his cloud storage automatically.

As Gizmodo and fellow GlockTalk forum posters point out, there's a good chance that these people aren't the actual thieves and most likely purchased the tablet unknowingly from somewhere like Craigslist. Then again, thieves have been known to be pretty dumb.

The user says that he's checking if any of the photos have been geo-tagged, which happens automatically when you take a photo with certain devices, but frank_drebin has been thorough in sorting through the photos to find some clue as to where the thieves may be, including some "revealing pictures," as he says. He does have a photo of the woman pictured above at an airport, accompanied by a date and time stamp, which should help local authorities in locating his stolen device.

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