Your smartphone would cost more than $1,000 in traditional gadgets

The Right Click

It may not be the most significant study to date, but we now have a rough idea of what it would cost to individually purchase the traditional, single-purpose gadgets that make today's smartphones so great.

If you were to buy the gadgets that make up the many built-in features in today's smartphones — things such as GPS, a camera, portable gaming unit, calculator, e-reader, music player, etc — you'd be looking at a cost of more than $1,000. According to The Next Web, the purchases would run you about $1,228, and the glut of gadgets would combine to weigh roughly eight pounds in total.

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"You should know this is a completely un-scientific process, but it's meant to be a rough approximation of how an average consumer would shop if looking for each of these gadgets," reports The Next Web. "Of course, some functionalities will be duplicated across multiple devices, but that's kind of the point here."

With the cost of a smartphone today plus the typically accompanying contract, the average user probably pays about half the cost of all of these gadgets. Not a bad bang for your buck, even if you find this study a little absurd.

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If you're interested in checking out the list of gadgets and their respective costs, click here to visit The Next Web.