News Anchor Made Famous by On-Air Flubs

Melissa Knowles
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Reporting the news on live television does not always go perfectly. Every reporter and anchor at one time or another has the misfortune of mispronouncing or flubbing a line or two, but most flubs don't make the reporter famous. That is, unless you're Aengus Mac Grianna, an Irish news anchor for the RTE network in Dublin. Mac Grianna is known for his regular flubs on live T

His latest slip-up is being called by some of his viewers his best -- or worst, depending on how you look at it. Mac Grianna is seen coming back from a break seated at the anchor desk. Instead of continuing his news read, he appears to be putting on makeup -- seemingly unaware that he is back on the air.

So far, the YouTube video of Mac Grianna's mistake has gotten more than 47,000 views. One person calls the anchor "the real-life Ron Burgundy." Other viewers chimed in too, one person wrote that Mac Grianna was "really adorable."

Not surprisingly, this is not Mac Grianna's first error to make him the talk of the day: There's a whole blooper reel of him. In the video, Mac Grianna has trouble pronouncing names in a story and gets the giggles, and he can also be seen walking into the background of a live show, when he thought they were off-camera. That video has more than 90,000 views.

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