Freddy Galvis makes absolutely insane bare-handed catch

Although Freddy Galvis has gotten off to a good start to the season offensively, the reason the Blue Jays signed him was always his glove.

The veteran’s value to the team was supposed to be his ability to stabilize the shortstop position and the infield as a whole, almost regardless of what he did at the plate.

On Saturday, the 29-year-old reminded his club exactly why he has such a sterling defensive reputation with an outstanding over-the-shoulder barehand.

The play has two distinct elements, either of which would be impressive individually. Tracking a blooper over your shoulder is a tough task — one that definitely falls in the “tougher than it looks” category. Making this catch in any way, shape, or form, would have been great for Galvis.

Adding the barehand component makes this a certified web gem. Although catching pop flies with a hand alone may be routine for the best cricketers, there aren’t many baseball players who can claim to have mastered that art. Apparently Galvis is one of them.

The shortstop is known for being steady, but on Sunday he was spectacular.

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