Blueland's $55 eco-friendly laundry kit will save you money in the long run

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Blueland's Laundry Essentials Kit is a top-rated choice among shoppers. Images via Blueland.
Blueland's Laundry Essentials Kit is a top-rated choice among shoppers. Images via Blueland.

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With Earth Day just a few short days away, there's no better time to focus on ways to reduce our environmental impact.

From changing habits like sticking to reusable water bottles to ditching the car in favour of another method of transportation, we can all do our part to help protect our planet.

There are also plenty of simple at-home swaps too, such as cutting down on single-use plastic products and replacing them with low-waste items instead. Blueland is a brand that's making it simpler to transition to using eco-friendly products, and their money-saving Laundry Essentials Kit is an easy addition to any home.

Laundry Essentials Kit

Laundry Essentials Kit. Image via Blueland.
Laundry Essentials Kit. Image via Blueland.

$44 USD/$55 CAD at Blueland

The details

This top-rated laundry kit comes with everything you need to make the switch to an eco-friendly laundry routine, and rings in at $44 USD/$55 CAD. Included in the kit is one Forever Laundry Tablet Tin and 40 Laundry Detergent Tablets, one Forever Tin and 500g (25 standard loads) of Clear Skies Oxi Booster Powder, and a set of three wool Dryer Balls.

This stain-fighting and wrinkle-reducing combo works together to get clean clothes in every wash, all while cutting down on plastic waste. For those who are new to the system, you simply toss a laundry tablet into the drum of your washing machine and pour in a lid full of the oxi booster for added stain-fighting power. When it comes time to dry your clothes, add in the dryer balls along with your freshly washed laundry into the dryer for fewer wrinkles and more softness — so you can say goodbye to buying fabric softener or dryer sheets.

While you can purchase each cleaning product individually (and as refills!), this laundry bundle saves 15 per cent on your purchase when bought together.

What people are saying

This laundry kit has been winning over shoppers and has racked up a near-perfect 4.9-star rating. Blueland's Laundry Refill Packs alone have received more than 2,400 5-star reviews, so it makes sense that this value kit has also become a hit among shoppers.

Parents have raved about how well the laundry detergent and stain fighter both work to get rid of tough stains and messes.

"Someone introduced me to Blueland about 2 months ago, have not looked back! I love the Oxi powder and as a cloth diaper mom and mom of 5 little kiddos we do a lot of laundry around here; it cleans so well and I love we are ending the plastic bottle use," noted one reviewer.

"I was pretty nervous transitioning from my tried and true huge plastic bottle stuff, but they work," added another. "My clothes are clean, and the scent is light and not irritating!"

Blueland's laundry kit is an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets and detergent. Image via Blueland.
Blueland's laundry kit is an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets and detergent. Image via Blueland.

Others have also raved about the softening dryer balls as a great alternative to dryer sheets.

"Love the wool balls to put in the dryer — definite improvement over using fabric softener. Will definitely keep using the product," reads one review.

"Glad this came as a kit, the wool dryer balls are working very well," reads another.

While this laundry kit has earned hundreds of positive reviews, some shoppers found that the laundry tablets didn't fully dissolve during the wash cycle.

"I love all the products from Blueland except the washing machine tablets. They end up in the glass section of my front loader and most times they never fully breakdown," one reviewer noted.

One reviewer found that this issue was more common when washing with cool water, so you may just want to stick with warm water if you find yourself having the same problem.


If you're looking to make the switch to more eco-friendly cleaning products, the Bluelane Laundry Essentials Kit has everything you need to get started. With its low-waste packaging and affordable refills, it's easier on the planet than many other traditional laundry products while still being effective.

Shoppers have fallen for its "fresh scent" and stain-fighting power, though some have noted that the laundry tablets work best with warm water cycles.

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