“Blue's Clues ”Star“ ”Steve Burns Uses Show's 'Empowering' Song to Push Grads Toward Their 'Dream' in Commencement Speech

"If you use your mind and take a step at a time, you can do anything that you wanna do," Burns said in his speech, referring to the Paw Prints song he used to sing on the beloved Nick Jr. show

<p>Bedder/Getty</p> Steve Burns at the


Steve Burns at the 'Blue's Big City Adventure'

Steve Burns gave a lucky group of college graduates a little piece of their childhood to use in their new journey.

The Blue's Clues star, 50, delivered the keynote address to approximately 800 graduates receiving master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degrees and certificates at SUNY Delhi's commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 18.

Those in attendance shared clips from the actor's heartfelt speech, which included words of wisdom and callbacks to the beloved children's series, on social media.

nickelodeon Steve from 'Blues Clues'
nickelodeon Steve from 'Blues Clues'

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One of the clips shared on TikTok showed him reflecting on being "Steve with one name and no last name like Beyoncé."

"You see, 45 million years ago, I was the original gangster host of the children's television show Blue's Clues on Nickelodeon," said Burns.

After discussing the Nick Jr. show's premise, Burns reminded the graduates of how they played a vital role in each episode.

“In each and every episode, I would need your help, and so I would stand in front of the camera and look into the lens as if I was looking right at you, my ride or die, and I would ask, ‘Will you help me?’" he said. "And you always did, thankfully, because I never would have found any of those clues without you. So before we go any further, sincerely, thanks for all your help."

<p>Nickelodeon/Everett</p> Steve Burns in 'Blue's Clues'


Steve Burns in 'Blue's Clues'

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Noting that he still gets told how much the show means to people, he then took a moment to impart some valuable advice based upon the lyrics of the Paw Prints song he used to sing on the show.

"Very often, someone will repeat to me a phrase that I said all the time on every episode, and that's 'if you use your mind and take a step at a time, you can do anything that you wanna do,'" he said.

Burns said the phrase's purpose was to serve as an "empowering reminder of the power of hard work" and an "empowering reminder of the importance of having a dream."

The university shared some of the key takeaways from Burns' speech on Facebook, writing, "In the words of actor Steve Burns, our keynote speaker: 'I encourage you to inhale this moment. Feel it if you can. You’ve done something very hard and important, and you are to be commended. I commend you and congratulate you.'"

The post quoted the life lessons Burns discussed in his speech, adding, "Your life may not lead to your dream. But your dream will lead you to your life. There are often incredible opportunities in the surrounding areas, to the right and left, north and south of your dream. I’m a living breathing example of that fact, and my wish for you is that you will be too."

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Blue's Clues first premiered on Nickelodeon in 1996, starring Burns as leading man Steve. He remained on the series until 2000, when he was then replaced by Donovan Patton. Patton played Steve's brother Joe until the show ended in 2006.

In 2019, Joshua Dela Cruz nabbed the leading role for the revival Blue's Clues & You! and remains apart of the franchise, including starring in the Paramount+ feature film released in 2022.

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