BMW Skytop Concept revealed as an elegant M8-powered convertible at Villa d'Este

The BMW Skytop Concept is here, and it’s one pretty convertible. With distinct design references to the Z8 and 503, it aims to be an exotic two-seater fit for the elegant show that is the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este where it officially debuted.

You’ll notice straightaway how restrained and simple its design is from the sweeping hood, small-ish (but still illuminated) kidney grille and curvaceous rear. Its silhouette is highlighted by a spline that runs through the hood, into the interior and eventually to a piece of aluminum on the trunk lid.

The proportions all scream 8 Series to us, which makes it no surprise to learn that BMW fitted the M8 Competition’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine under hood. Its 8-speed automatic transmission is controlled by the crystal glass shift knob you’ll find in the non-M versions of the 8 Series, though. BMW says that slotting an M engine into this concept is yet another reference to the Z8 that was also powered by an engine from BMW’s M division.

The Skytop’s headlights up front are a particular point of innovation, as BMW says they’re LED units positioned on milled aluminum carriers that were designed with the slimmest profile possible while still being fully functional. The theme continues around back with ultra-thin taillights, too. Other interesting details are its winglets positioned on the door shoulders that function as door handles and the gill-like design to the alloy wheels.

Truthfully, the Skytop looks like it could be turned from concept to production quite easily. Step inside, and the effect is even stronger. You’ll notice it wears the full interior from a regular 8 Series, iDrive screens, knob and all. The reddish-brown leather is quite eye-catching, and it flows into the leather-finished removable roof to match – said roof can be split into two parts and removed for open-top motoring. The exterior color is a gradient that BMW says was specially developed for this car by one of its master painters.

BMW doesn’t make any binding statements about whether it would or wouldn’t build a short run of Skytops, but considering how production-like it looks, we wouldn’t be surprised if this reveal isn’t the last you hear of it.

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