Bradley Cooper likes to bare it all at home, literally

Bradley Cooper likes to bare it all at home, literally

We've heard of naked emotion, but the "Maestro" truly enjoys baring it all.

While Bradley Cooper has earned an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Leonard Bernstein, it turns out that at home, he's really more Leonard Bare-stein.

While appearing on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast, Cooper and Shepard started talking about the naked truth, i.e. the fact that they're often naked at home.

Shepard brought up the subject, discussing his morning routine, including his daily am need to use the bathroom for "poopy time." He then proceeded to tell Cooper how his children are unfazed by his use of the facilities. "It's amazing they don't care," he explained. "The girls start coming in and out — is this the same with Lea? Where they sit and talk to me, like a foot away from me, and it's terrible in there!"

Shepard shares daughters Delta, 9, and Lincoln, 10, with Kristen Bell, while Cooper has daughter Lea, 6 1/2, with his ex Irina Shayk.

Cooper laughed at Shepard's account before revealing that his bedroom area in his New York living space has a fully open floor plan. "My bedroom is, the bathtub and toilet and bed are all in the same room. It's 24/7, dude! There are no doors, dude!" Cooper exclaimed. "The stairs go up and it's all one floor."

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Bradley Cooper

Consequently, he said that he and Lea share a very similar relationship around bathroom routines. "We talk where I'm on the toilet, she's in the bathtub; that's sort of the go-to," he said.

Shepard pondered whether or not this might be a result of how they were raised, while Cooper explained that he absolutely didn't have a similar experience as a child. "Here’s what’s interesting," Cooper added. "I didn’t grow up that way. At all. I don’t think I ever saw my father on the toilet until he got sick." (Cooper's father died in 2011 from cancer).

However, Cooper did clarify that although he didn't see his dad on the commode, nudity was a normal occurrence. Responding to Shepard's comments that he and his family are "naked all the time," Cooper said, "And by the way, I was like that. Not with my mom but with my dad. My dad was always nude, always took showers with him."

As a result, Cooper says he is "totally" comfortable being naked (maybe that's why he hates chairs).

Might we suggest he make a biopic about the infamous Oscar streaker next?

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