The brand new Beats Solo 4 headphones are 25% off right now

Man wearing Beats Solo 4 in Slate Blue.

Things don’t always line up this well. The Beats Solo 4 headphones are less than a month old. We’ve got our Beats Solo 4 review ready. There’s already a sale. So, if you’ve been mulling over whether or not to buy the new Beats, let this be a positive nudge towards tapping “Buy” and getting a pair in your cart. Presently, the Beats are down 25%, arriving to a price of $150 from their usual $200. To save your $50 on the Beats Solo 4, just tap the button below. Or, keep reading to catch up on the latest about the headphones, what our thoughts on them are, and a bit of price evaluation to put these headphones in context.


Why you should buy the Beats Solo 4

The Beats Solo 4 are over-the-ear headphones with the iconic Beats style and soft, foam earcups. They fully embrace USB-C, with both USB-C wired audio connections available and a fast charge that can get you 5 hours of listening in just 10 minutes of charging. You’ll also be able to get spatial and lossless audio on the Beats Solo 4, including head tracking and spatialized stereo if you happen to use the Beats with one of the best iPhones or other Apple products.

Returning to our Beats Solo 4 review, we found the headphones to be a big improvement over the third gen. The battery life is 10 hours longer, USB-C charging and audio are now included, and the earpads are overall better. It’s not a perfect review, of course, as our reviewer found them uncomfortable while wearing glasses and was disappointed with the lack of EQ adjustment. If you know and like the line, however, these should prove to be a good pickup for you as their are improvements to be had everywhere.

When things happen so fast, it can be hard to evaluate something’s price and value. Taking a look, however, at the currently best-ranking headphones selected by our experts and you’ll start to see a more clear picture. The top headphones (outside of a pick for children and a barebones budget pick) tend to be, at minimum, $300 and usually $350 or more. At the Beats Solo 4’s standard price, they could easily be a buy for someone not wanting to spend for the top-of-the-line options. With the deal in place, that goes even moreso.

Again, all in the course of a month we’ve seen the Beats Solo 4 be released and now get this “thank you” early sale. To grab yours at $50 off, or $150 from $200, just tap the button below and add them to your Amazon purchase. If you’re a longtime Beats fan, be sure to check out our listing of the best Beats deals as well for more great deals on Beats earbuds and headphones.