Bridgerton's Hannah Dodd responds to Francesca theory

Bridgerton star Hannah Dodd has weighed in on a theory wanting her character Francesca to be neurodivergent.

Dodd has taken over the role of Francesca on the third season of Netflix's Regency-era show, with the latest instalment focusing on her debut and subsequent relationship with Lord John Stirling, played by Victor Alli.

Contrary to the show's whirlwind romances, and much to Violet Bridgerton's puzzlement, Francesca and John bond over their interest in music and a desire to retreat from society.

Some fans have interpreted Francesca and John's shyness as a possible sign of neurodiversity, with Dodd confirming her character having neurodivergent traits was discussed in the writer's room.

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"It's been so lovely to see," Dodd told BBC News, about neurodivergent viewers finding Francesca relatable.

"This is a show about people and representation so it's only a good thing if people feel that they can see themselves on the screen."

"I know it was discussed in the writers' room that there were maybe, like, traits [of neurodiversity in Francesca]," she said, then saying that she and Alli "as actors" focused on responding to the "rich" script.

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"We got such a great script so we just so we just responded to what was on the paper," Dodd said.

"It wasn't something that was understood in those times," she said of neurodiversity.

"It's not something that I think Francesca or you... [she said to Alli], [that] we need to understand," she concluded, adding: "It's so, so nice that the community have embraced us and feel seen."

Bridgerton seasons 1-3 are streaming on Netflix, along with Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

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