Former Bulls security guard's 6 championship rings sell for $255,840 at auction

Cassandra Negley
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A security gaurd’s six championship rings from the Chicago Bulls 1990s dynasty sold at auction this week for a combined $255,840.

They belonged to former Bulls security guard John Capps, who worked for the organization for 52 years. His close relationship with Michael Jordan was featured in “The Last Dance” on ESPN earlier this year.

Bulls championship rings sell for $255K

The rings were part of Huggins & Scott Auction and were up for auction individually starting at $5,000 each. The rings from the final championship years of 1997 and 1998 sold for the most, trailed by the 1992 title.

The six rings sold as follows, via Huggins & Scott Auction:

— 1991: $39,840

— 1992: $47,970

— 1993: $45,510

— 1996: $24,600

— 1997: $49,200

— 1998: $49,200

Capps died in 2018 at the age of 88. His estate decided to auction the memorabilia off because they had little sentimental value to his heirs, USA Today Sports reported when the auction went live. The profits will reportedly be dispersed between the 11 heirs.

Who is Bulls’ John Capps?

Fireworks go off in the Bulls arena.
The Chicago Bulls team watches as the 1997 NBA Championship banner is revealed with a shower of fireworks prior. (Photo by CHRIS LEE/AFP via Getty Images)

Capps was a former Chicago policeman who started with the Bulls as a police escort in 1966 during the parade up Michigan Avenue that celebrated its founding. It included a live bull in a cage, per a release by the auction site.

He was a security guard outside the locker room before games up until his death in 2018. He wore a Kangol hat and was behind the Bulls bench for more than 50 years, showing up in various photos and video footage.

Capps’ close friendship with Jordan was showcased in “The Last Dance,” which followed the final 1997-1998 championship season. Scottie Pippen shared in the docuseries that Jordan and Capps would have ongoing friendly bets about the outcome of races on the jumbotron during timeouts. Many times, Jordan would get inside information on the outcome.

Capps is one of the few members of the Bulls organization to be there for all six NBA titles. There are therefore very few full six-ring sets in the world.

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