The Campaign to Make Bill Skarsgård a Bond Villain Begins Now

Someone get MGM on the phone, because I have a fantastic idea: James Bond vs. Bill Skarsgård. The Swedish actor (and Esquire's latest cover star) is reportedly a massive fan of the illustrious MI6 agent. In the latest episode of "Explain This"—which is streaming above—the actor says that he was obsessed with the character and saw "all the James Bond movies" at just six years old.

With the James Bond franchise ready for a refresh following Daniel Craig's departure, maybe the Wilson/Broccoli family is interested in a darker take on the fictional spy. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is reportedly in the running to take over leading Bond duties, but the actor has yet to publicly decide if a license to kill is in his future.

Regardless of who plays the next 007, the man behind It and the upcoming Nosferatu remake could conjure up a terrifying new villain for Bond. When asked what his Bond villain name would be, the actor hardly missed a beat: "Mozart Dragovic." Damn!

What would James Bond think of a villain who could cross his eyes like Pennywise? "[Bill Hader] asked me at one point, 'The eye thing? Do they do that afterwards?' and I said, 'What you mean, this?'" Skarsgård jokes, crossing his eyes. After It Chapter Two premiered, images of Hader looking terrified and running away circulated as a meme on social media.

Elsewhere in the video, Skarsgård discusses his starring role in The Crow reimagining, wearing long fingernails as Count Orlok in Nosferatu, and practicing his terrifying Pennywise laugh while driving to his audition.

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