Here are Canada's top cities for bed bugs

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Here are Canada's top cities for bed bugs
Here are Canada's top cities for bed bugs

Orkin Canada, a residential and commercial pet service organization, has released its annual list of Canada's top cities for bed bugs in 2022, and Ontario is a frontrunner, with eight communities in the top ten.

One newcomer to the list is London, Ontario, which went unranked in 2021 but now sits in the eighth position.

Vancouver takes the second spot, up on position from last year.

But the bed buggiest city of them all is Toronto, for the fourth year in a row.

Here's a breakdown of the top ten:

  1. Toronto

  2. Vancouver

  3. Sudbury

  4. Oshawa

  5. Ottawa

  6. Scarborough

  7. Sault Ste. Marie

  8. London

  9. St. John's

  10. Hamilton

Bed bugs and the seasons

The findings are something to keep in mind with peak bed bug season ramping up near the end of spring, lasting through to November. While the weather does not impact breeding habits, bed bugs can spread faster during this time because people have ramped up their summer travel.

That's because they are master hitchhikers, often finding their way into your home by catching a ride on your clothes or in your bags.

“Unfortunately, [Toronto] holds the title because of population density," Bernie Grafe, GTA Residential Branch Manager for Orkin Canada, tells The Weather Network.

"You know, we are a transportation hub, a vacation hub. We are also a freight hub, you know, like Vancouver.”

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Grafe advises against leaving bags on the ground for too long on public transit. If you're in a hotel, leave your bags on top of metal racks, which are difficult for bed bugs to climb.

Another tip is to launder everything you’ve brought home immediately, including your bag, because heat will kill them.

If you end up with an infestation in your home, call the professionals for help. These bugs can live almost a year and may survive months without a meal, making eradicating an infestation on your own incredibly difficult.

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