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Celebrating with Toronto’s Sikh community

Former Conservative leader Rona Ambrose, centre, poses for a photo with former Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown, left, and former Conservative MP Bal Gosal, right, at Toronto’s Vaisakhi Parade on Khalsa Day, April 26, 2015. Photo from Rona Ambrose/Twitter.

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    and here comes the media to defend their hero.
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    Unlike Trudeau, the photos that have surfaced of Harper donning different clothing all indicate that the cultures he was visiting or the ceremonies he was part of dressed him or provided the clothing as gifts which he then wore in respect of their culture. He was invited to be part of it. It didn't walk in assuming he should dress the part. BIG, BIG difference.
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    Wow Yahoo - nice try at deflection. You know, if it was just Justin (and family) playing Bollywood dressup an inordinate amount, I think we as Canadians could tolerate that. But it's his insistence on spending huge taxpayer amounts to fund his family travels, his dearth of government activity on his travels, his spectacular failures in getting international business accomplished on his travels, and worse yet, his embarrassing gaffes that damage our international standing - that's what we're really upset about. You need to publish some deflection articles about those things if you really want to support him. Thanks.
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    Nice try Yahoo but it's not working!
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    but only one got blasted by the host nations mainstream media for it.
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    Yeah that's totally an equivalent comparison Yahoo. Every picture I saw the politicians were appropriately dressed for the event and matching with others that they were meeting with. Quite a difference between Trudope walking around in India in what they consider formal wedding garb while other people are wearing traditional suits or casual clothes. Nice try though. I didn't realize that Yahoo was a division of the CBC.
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    ...and queue in the Trudeau apologists
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    Nice try, Yahoo News. So desperate.
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    If they visited a disabled group would they come in wheelchairs?
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    Right As Always
    They didn't do it for two weeks straight like Trudeau did.