New Canadians proud and grateful at Windsor citizenship ceremony

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New Canadians proud and grateful at Windsor citizenship ceremony

Windsor is home to about 40 of Canada's newest citizens.

Families, friends and students celebrated a citizenship ceremony at Catholic Central High School Wednesday where many expressed pride and passion for their new home.

"It feels like I'm part of Canada now and that's what I've always wanted," said Anab Mollen, who left Yemen with her family in 2011."I'm so proud and thankful."

Mollen said she is studying nursing in college and plans to succeed in Canada by working hard.

Past and current students become Canadian

Several past and current students from Catholic Central were also on hand to officially become citizens.

Anita Sabbushimike said she was happy to return to her old high school for the ceremony.

"I always hoped I'm gonna be at this stage today, but today I'm so really grateful and happy," she said. "I found out here, 'Yeah, I'm going back to high school, to my old school.' So I've been seeing a few teachers."

She added when she came from Tanzania eight years ago the biggest shock was the snow, but now she feels comfortable and happily Canadian.

Grade 11 student Noor Tooza left class to become a citizen and had a tip for anyone planning to come to Canada.

"Learn English before you come," she said. "You're going to be more successful if you learn it."