Canyon County Pride event was a great success. Please support all of your neighbors | Opinion

Pride event

It was a beautiful, sunshiny day, full of kind people, intent on expressing acceptance toward all their neighbors. Canyon Country Pride represented itself with over 2,000 people flooding Lakeview Park.

Whereas the city of Nampa was intent on letting their base know Pride attendees don’t represent “our values,” I’d like to disagree. If you mean Pride attendees don’t represent the values of family-first, safe schools, building careers, getting to know our neighbors, loving our pets, and being in the great outdoors, then you are in error. If you mean the value of being kind, you are in error. If you mean, loving our neighbors, you are in error.

We are real people in your lives.

Please. Show respect for all your neighbors.

Kara Hudson, Nampa

Abortion ban

They were told this would happen!

As a concerned resident of Idaho, I write to express my distress over the recent exodus of my OB/GYN from our state due to restrictive abortion laws. This dedicated and amazing health care professional has tirelessly served our community and is now being driven away by policies that severely limit women’s reproductive rights and access to essential health care services.

The departure of these doctors not only threatens the health and well-being of women across Idaho but also undermines our health care system as a whole. Without accessible reproductive health care, including safe and legal abortion services, women face increased risks to their health and autonomy. It is disheartening to see our state lose skilled practitioners who are committed to providing comprehensive care to all patients.

I urge our legislators and policymakers to reconsider these restrictive laws and prioritize the health and rights of Idahoans. Access to reproductive health care is a fundamental right that should not be compromised by political agendas. Let us work toward a future where every person can access the care they need, and where health care professionals feel supported in their mission to serve. Get out and vote.

Anne Marie Bussolini, Boise

Library bill

Well folks, House Bill 710 goes into effect on Monday, July 1. This is the bill that will allow anyone to sue our librarian and libraries because of a book they disagree with that is on the library shelf. So far, the far-right extremist hasn’t shown any proof of any harmful material in any library in the state.

To show our appreciation, the state/local Democratic party is hosting a Library Appreciation Day on Monday, July 1, at several libraries throughout the state including Boise, Meridian and Nampa. The Nampa rally will be from noon to 1 p.m. in front of the library near the large fountain. We are asking for your help to support our local library and all the folks inside who work there. We’ll have a couple of tables set up with local candidate information, plus you’ll be able to sign up to get an absentee ballot mailed to you. We’ll also have a large appreciation card for you to sign thanking everyone inside the library for their dedication. We’re also putting together a large basket of gifts for library employees, so if you would like to give something, please drop it off during the rally.

Don Benson, Nampa

Public education

The Idaho Constitution: “it shall be the duty of the legislature to establish and maintain a general, uniform, and thorough public school system.” Idahoans voted on 45 school supplementl levies, all of which were necessitated by inadequate legislative funding. Now, as districts all over Idaho are attempting to provide our kids with a top-quality education, they are dealing with “gut wrenching” decisions like teacher layoffs, school closures, bus routes, athletic funding, SROs and tech staff.

It’s no secret that this disregard of a constitutional mandate has been going on for years to the point that it would be embarrassing for the legislators if they were forced to spend time at school sites.

Legislator’s time seems to be spent on other shiny objects like banning books and running OB/GYNs out of Idaho. Another big problem is the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s dark money effort to divert funds to school vouchers. Any legislator who supports vouchers is in direct conflict with their duty to the Constitution.

We voters can rectify this malfeasance when we vote in November. Do your research and vote for people who are committed to solving this high-priority deficiency .

We all know the definition of insanity.

Jay Combs, Eagle

Presidential choices

It’s 2024, and, in the most developed nation in the world, its 360 million citizens have a choice for their president: two old worn-out, pre-dementia re-treads and the other candidate who had a worm eat part of his brain. What have we come to?

Grant Joki, Meridian


I’m writing to share some easy ways we can all help our planet. It’s crucial to address plastic waste, conserve water, and implement a few other simple practices to protect Mother Earth.

First, let’s tackle plastic waste. The overuse of plastic bags, bottles, and packaging contributes to pollution in oceans and landfills. Instead, opt for reusable bags and bottles. Choose products with minimal plastic packaging. Small changes in our daily habits can significantly reduce plastic waste.

Next, water conservation is vital. We often waste water without realizing it. Simple actions like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers can make a big difference. Fixing leaks in your home can also save a substantial amount of water.

Additionally, consider these tips:

Recycle: Separate your trash so that paper, glass, and cans can be recycled.

Plant a Tree: Trees provide oxygen and improve air quality.

Use Less Electricity: Turn off lights and unplug devices when not in use.

By adopting these small changes, we can contribute to a cleaner and healthier Earth. Let’s do our part to take care of our planet.

Cole Baker, Boise