Car fire ignites inside Lakeside family's garage

Car fire ignites inside Lakeside family's garage

A car ignited inside a detached garage in Lakeside, N.B, Saturday afternoon, destroying the garage and damaging the house.

When Hampton Fire-Rescue arrived the people and animals that live in the home were outside and uninjured.

The fire department still does not know the exact cause of the fire, but suspects it was an accident and not suspicious. It is still under investigation.

"Fellow was in the garage working on his vehicle when it happened," said Mike Raeburn, the deputy fire chief.

The fire burned for a couple hours.

Because the home was just three metres from the garage, some siding melted and windows broke due to the heat. Raeburn said the garage was "a total loss."

"We did have a firefighter slip and fall on the ice because obviously slippery footing these days with all the freezing rain," he said.

Raeburn said an ambulance took the firefighter to the hospital as a precaution.

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