CareWorx expands Summerside offices into historic Holman Centre

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CareWorx expands Summerside offices into historic Holman Centre

With a swish of giant scissors, the historic Holman Centre building in downtown Summerside officially welcomed the staff of IT management company CareWorx to their new office space during a grand opening event Thursday morning.

The Ontario-based CareWorx has operated elsewhere in Summerside since 2013. Now the staff on P.E.I. make up half of the company's workforce.

The Summerside staff work for different organizations, providing IT service management, automation, security and a service desk to assist clients with their technological needs.

"We have been here for about five years and have doubled in size in the last 12 months and the result of that is where we are today," said CareWorx CEO Mark Scott.

Health support

Summerside will also be the anchor of the company's Health IT cluster. It helps manage the CareWorx senior care division. More than 70,000 CareWorx touch screens are operated in thousands of health-care facilities.

"We support about 5,000 of the 18,000 long-term care facilities [and] their technologies across North America," Scott said.

If there are any issues with the technology, when someone picks up a phone to call for help, they will most likely hear their technical support answer from Summerside.

The company has approximately 80 staff members working out of the Holman Centre offices and is expecting to hit 100 by the end of 2018.

"It's great to have more tenants in the Holman Centre because that is in downtown Summerside," said P.E.I. Economic Development Minister Chris Palmer.

"It will continue to spur on the economy here. There will be employees here that will be spending money in the local economy and we think that is great news and a great boost for our downtown."

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