Carriage, cake and lots of dancing on Uncle Vic's 100th birthday

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Carriage, cake and lots of dancing on Uncle Vic's 100th birthday

Victor Baker still has lots of life left: on his 100th birthday, he sang and danced, and entertained a few ladies just like he used to.

Uncle Vic, as he is known, arrived to a big surprise party in style: in a horse and carriage, which took him from Pleasantview Manor retirement home to the United Church in Lewisporte.

The last time he rode a horse was over 40 years ago.

The big day was marked by a dance — a waltz with his niece — a reading from his memoir, and a rendition of the hymn, He Hideth My Soul.

"And I sing now! I sing sometimes," he said with a smile. "Don't need no music, I can sing with anything."

Baker's smile still lights up a room. And Friday, he was in full swing, visiting and chatting with lots of old friends.

"Some of them I don't see very often. So it's great to see them today."

It's also a chance to look over some old photos that even he doesn't have copies.

A businessman in Botwood, Baker now lives at Pleasantview Manor. He's a local celebrity there, according to nephew Bruce Baker.

"He's got such an attitude, he's just such a pleasant person," he said. "He appreciates everybody and everything, and people love him for it."

Uncle Vic is a social butterfly, Bruce Baker says. It just comes naturally.

"It's innate with him. I think people love to be part of Uncle Vic's life because he just shines."

"He's so pleasant, he's got a pleasant word for everybody as he moves around. He just wants to be part of things." 

Tips for old age

How do you live to be 100?

Uncle Vic said the key is to watch your diet, and stay active.

"I'm feeling good. I haven't had any sickness or anything," he said. "The doctor he comes and he takes my blood pressure and says you're okay. Go on."

"My voice is good, and I can write better than ever I could," he continued, adding jokingly, "Want me to sign you a cheque?"

For the crowd of well-wishers, he had one big request.

"Come back when I'm 101!"