What the cast of Netflix's 'Griselda' looks like in real life

sofia vergara as griselda in the netflix series. she's wearing a light blue, low cut blouse, sitting at an outdoor table in a tropical setting with a stern expression on her face and her arms crossed
Sofía Vergara executive produces and stars in "Griselda."Netflix
  • Sofía Vergara executive produces and stars in the Netflix series "Griselda."

  • The show follows drug lord Griselda Blanco in 1970s and 1980s Miami.

  • Here's what the cast of "Griselda" looks like in the show and in real life.

After garnering acclaim as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the ABC sitcom "Modern Family," Sofía Vergara is taking the helm of "Griselda," a Netflix series based on the Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco.

Vergara is the series' executive producer, in addition to its star. As The New York Times reported, she pitched the series to "Narcos" showrunner Eric Newman in 2015. Newman, and his "Narcos" collaborator director Andrés Baiz, eventually signed on.

The series, which has drawn backlash and a lawsuit from the real Blanco's adult children, follows Blanco's life in the 1970s and 1980s, focusing on her time in Miami. Vergara was first put on to Blanco, she told the Times, after watching the 2006 documentary "Cocaine Cowboys." Her fascination with Blanco was also something that struck her as personal opportunity.

"It's hard for me to find characters because of my accent, and because I'm known for comedy," Vergara told the Times. "So in a selfish way I was like, 'Oh, this is perfect for me.'"

Vergara stars alongside Alberto Guerra, Karol G, Juliana Aidén Martinez, and an ensemble cast in the six-episode series, which hits Netflix on Thursday.

Here's what the cast of "Griselda" looks like in the show and real life.

Sofía Vergara stars as Griselda Blanco, the drug lord known as "the Godmother."

left: sofia vergara as greiselda, with wavy hair and a half unbuttoned blouser; right: sofia vergara smiling with her hair worn straight and a strapless dress
Sofía Vergara plays Griselda.Elizabeth Morris/Netflix; Carlos Alvarez/WireImage

Blanco was known as the "godmother of cocaine," and was shot and killed at age 69 in Medellín, Colombia in 2012. She was a major fixture of the Miami cocaine scene in the 1970s and 1980s.

This is the time period that "Griselda" focuses on. According to Netflix's character description, Blanco leverages years spent running her husband's drug scheme in Colombia and New York to establish herself and her three sons in Florida.

Alberto Guerra plays Darío Sepúlveda, Blanco's assassin-turned-husband.

left: dario sepulveda in griselda, his hair slicked back and wearing a white tank under a collared shirt; right: alberto guerra at a premiere, his facial hair partially grown in
Alberto Guerra is Darío Sepúlveda in "Griselda."Elizabeth Morris/Netflix; Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Netflix

Sepúlveda, according to the Netflix description, shows up in Florida to assassinate Blanco. However, he eventually becomes her third husband.

Christian Tappan plays Arturo Mesa, Blanco's accountant.

left: arturo mesa in griselda, wearing a wide collared shirt, with thick mustache and facial hair, and square glasses; right: christian tappan, wearing a navy pinstripe suit and with trimmed facial hair
Christian Tappan plays Arturo Mesa in "Griselda."Elizabeth Morris/Netflix; Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Netflix

Mesa, per Netflix, was one of Blanco's former connections from Colombia, where he worked as an accountant for her and her former husband. She convinces him to help her set up shop in Miami.

Martín Rodríguez plays Rivi Ayala, Blanco's go-to man who was previously working for her rival.

left: rivia in griselda, wearing a silky shirt, with his hair worn long and curly; right: martin rodriguez, i na black silken shirt and tan suit jacket, with his hair worn short and slicked back
Martín Rodríguez plays Rivi Ayala in "Griselda."Elizabeth Morris/Netflix; Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Netflix

According to Netflix, Ayala is the lieutenant for one of Blanco's rivals when he first meets her. But after seeing the way that Blanco works first-hand, he eventually comes to work for her.

Juliana Aidén Martinez is June Hawkins, a Miami police department analyst on Blanco's trail.

left: june hawkins, wearing a collared striped shirt and pantsuit, sunglasses on top of her head; right: juliana alden martinez in a form fitting black dress with a sheer mesh midriff, posing on a red carpet
Juliana Aidén Martinez plays June Hawkins in "Griselda."Elizabeth Morris/Netflix; Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Netflix

Per Netflix, the fictionalized Hawkins is a female officer who constantly bumps up against the misogyny of her male colleagues. As a rare Spanish speaker on the force, she investigates Blanco.

According to the Financial Times, the real Hawkins served as a consultant on the series.

Vanessa Ferlito plays Carmen Gutiérrez, one of Griselda's former associates who works as a travel agent.

left: carmen gutierrez in griselda, wearing a thick button up shirt, pearls, and her hair worn long; right: vanessa ferlito at a rangers game, wearing a jersey and smiling with her hair worn long
Vanessa Ferlito plays Carmen Gutiérrez in "Griselda."Netflix; James Devaney/GC Images

Per Netflix, Gutiérrez worked with Blanco on her and her husband's New York operation. Sober and working as a travel agent, she doesn't want to get caught up in Blanco's cocaine operation in Miami.

Fredy Yate plays Chucho Castro, an immigrant from Colombia who ends up working for Blanco.

left: chucho castro in griselda, sitting at a diner table and seen through a window wearing a white t-shirt; right: fredy yate in a navy suit and bowtie at the griselda premiere
Fredy Yate plays Chucho Castro in "Griselda."Netflix; Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Netflix

According to Netflix, Castro initially picks up a one-time job for Blanco. However, he ends up working for her for years.

Carolina Giraldo Navarro — better known as Karol G — plays Carla, one of Griselda's friends and confidants.

left: carla in griselda, wearing a leopard print shirt, with her hair worn dark brown and curled with bangs. she has bright red, long nails, and her arms are crossed; right: karol g at the griselda premiere, her hair worn in a slicked back blonde ponytail and wearing a black, fur-collared outfit
Karol G plays Carla in "Griselda."Elizabeth Morris/Netflix; Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Netflix

Carla hails from Medellín, and travels to Miami with other sex workers to transport product, according to the Netflix character summary. She was previously one of Blanco's close friends in Colombia, and remains close with her in Florida.

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