Cat ends up with ‘ultimate cone of shame’ in Washington. See ‘poor kitty’ get freed

A cat named Blue ended up trapped in a wheel, giving the scared pet the “ultimate cone of shame” in Washington, a video shows.

Firefighters responding to a home on Monday, May 27, discovered a cat with his head “caught in the center of the spare wheel,” Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue said in a Facebook post.

The owner told firefighters the animal might have been chasing a mouse when he got stuck.

Firefighters got to work to free the cat after a neighbor, who is also a veterinarian, gave him anti-anxiety and calming medications.

A hydraulic car extrication cutting tool, a Sawzall and a Dremel tool were used to free the cat.

A video shows firefighters cutting the cat out of the tire, then having to cut a ring of metal from around his neck.

After about 45 minutes, Blue was returned to his owner and is “expected to make a full recovery.”

“There went one of his nine lives right there! So glad he was able to be rescued and he’s okay,” one person commented on Facebook.

“Poor kitty!” another person wrote.

One person described the wheel as “the ultimate cone of shame!”

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