Chaka Khan learned 'life lessons' through addiction struggles

Chaka Khan battled addiction for years credit:Bang Showbiz
Chaka Khan battled addiction for years credit:Bang Showbiz

Chaka Khan learned some important "life lessons" through her addiction struggles.

The 71-year-old singer spent years battling drug abuse and alcoholism, and she now views it as a "necessary" life experience.

Chaka told The Independent: "My journey was necessary - it had to happen so I could come out like I am right now.

"I wouldn’t have the depth of feeling I do if I hadn’t gone through the things I went through, you dig?

"There are things I have done in my life I will never do again. Those were my life lessons. And I got the lesson. That’s the important thing. I got it."

Chaka is now determined to live in the present and to not look back with any regrets.

She said: "I’m all about right now, and what’s next, I do not wallow in the mire. And I don’t regret a thing."

Earlier this year, Chaka revealed that she's constantly trying to "fine-tune" her life.

The singer is always tinkering with different things in her life, in an effort to become "more productive and more helpful".

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, she shared: "I am trying to fine-tune my life, so I am always trying to look at what we can change or fix to be more productive and more helpful.

"I want to be here for a good reason and not to just take up space and breathe in precious air for nothing."

Chaka's career has spanned more than five decades and she's achieved a huge amount of success, winning as many as ten Grammys along the way.

However, the music legend still feels a sense of hopelessness about the world at large.

Asked what makes her feel unhappy, she said: "How hopeless things are looking on this planet. That’s my biggest sorrow. I am mourning the death of this planet already."