Chappell Roan declines Pride event invitation from White House

Chappell Roan declines Pride event invitation from White House

Breakout pop star Chappell Roan has announced that she rejected an offer to perform at a Pride celebration at the White House.

The “Good Luck, Babe!” singer took the stage at the New York Governors Ball festival on Sunday (9 June), dressed in green body paint and a crown headpiece as a homage to the Statue of Liberty.

Roan, 26, dedicated her song “My Kink Is Karma” to the administration, saying: “As a response to the White House who asked me to perform at Pride: we want liberty, justice and freedom for all.

“When you do that, that’s when I’ll come.”

Her words were met with cheers from adoring fans, with many waving pride flags.

Elsewhere in her set at Queens’s Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the American singer-songwriter recited a snippet of renowned poet and activist Emma Lazarus’s sonnet “The New Colossus”, which is engraved on the statue.

Roan said to the crowd: “I am in drag of the biggest queen of all. But in case you had forgotten what’s etched on my pretty little toes, ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’”

Chappell Roan dressed as the Statue of Liberty (REUTERS)
Chappell Roan dressed as the Statue of Liberty (REUTERS)

She continued: “That means freedom in trans rights, that means freedom in women’s rights. And it especially means freedom for all people and the oppressed.

“It especially means freedom for all oppressed people in occupied territories,” she concluded her speech, her voice slightly faltering with emotion.

The Independent has reached out to a representative of Chappell Roan for further comment.

As videos of Roan speaking to the crowd spread on social media, fans praised the pop artist for being vocal about her beliefs.

One supporter replied: “I never say this about anyone, but she’s this [generation’s] Gaga,” with another adding, “That’s why she’s my favourite artist at the moment”.

Another fan replied: “If a NEW lesbian artist can call out a “neutral” government... So can all your billionaire faves”.

Roan has become increasingly popular across the entertainment industry in recent months, after opening for Olivia Rodrigo during her Guts World Tour.

Speaking to The Independent in December, the “Red Wine Supernova” singer recalled speaking to Rodrigo about ways to handle unkind commentary online.

“She was just like, ‘No one has it figured out. No one has the answer. It’s different for every person,’” Roan said.

“I do think it was really helpful for me to hear that no matter who you are or how big you are or how small you are, you feel the same.”